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Since 1991 experience in tailoring, we travel to Europe every month.Since it is difficult for many people to fly over to Phuket to have their clothes made, we have been doing world tours to make it easy for our clients to have clothes made by us by having Mr.Peter Swin Founder visit clients.

Mr.Peter Swin will take with them exclusive fabrics with the newest design of clothes and styles for you to choose from. It’s easy, you just have to inform Larry Fashion your address and contact details, so we can get in touch with you and confirm an appointment. We will then inform you the hotel we will stay in, which will be in the center of the city or visit you at your home or office as convenient.

Clients can then personally talk their styles and the fabrics they like for your suits or dress and Mr.Peter Swin will measure accordingly.. Your order will later be processed with great care and attention in Phuket, with the experienced tailoring skills at Larry Fashion Point.Clothes will then be delivered by courier service directly to your address.
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